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According to the World Bank, they remitted $60 billion in 2012 to Africa to support relatives and also to invest. They also supported development projects, through sharing skills and knowledge, and political lobbying. From 2003 onwards, AFFORD developed and worked on projects focused on mobilising young Africans aged 18-35, to support development in Africa. The engagement revealed that many young Africans were as committed and passionate about giving to the continent but lacked structures, systems, methods and pathways for giving.


AFFORD has sought to understand and overcome the challenges facing this demographic and one way is by creating structures that enable them to harness the resources available to them. One that transforms the potential of young diaspora giving and philanthropy for development in Africa.

Our Experiences


The African Foundation for Development (AFFORD) was established in 1994, with a mission “to expand and enhance the contributions Africans in the diaspora make to African development”.

Our innovative approach mobilises the financial, intellectual, and political assets of the African diaspora and channels them to drive economic growth and social development in Africa. We also enhance the capacity of actual and potential investors and actively influence international policies to ensure that they address the real needs and root causes of underdevelopment and poverty on the continent.

Our mission is achieved through programmes and projects undertaken solely or in collaboration with partners in Africa, the U.K, E.U and other parts of the world.