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Purpose of the project

- The Diaspora Experience programme of AFFORD has created an exciting opportunity for Africans in the diaspora and young international individuals to experience a different and unique perspective and understanding of       the African continent.
- The purpose of the summer school is to enhance skills of participants through developing the local knowledge around African development, entrepreneurship, philanthropy and volunteering to equip them to become future         volunteers on the field with the Diaspora Experience
- These EDUCATE programs provide additional training to prepare them for the job market, build on and enhance existing skills and to increase knowledge, fundamentals needed to improve access to difficult professions          such as the development sector


Course Outline

The AFFORD summer school will include 4 weeks and will cover the following areas of training:

Policy and Advocacy foundational training:

Duration 2 days


Introduction to Setting up an NGO

Duration 2 days


Volunteering training:

-  The different ways to give back – Time Skills and Money
-  The impact of volunteering
-  Diaspora and Humanitarian Aid
-  Duration 2 days

Current Migration debates training: (SOAS)

-  Migration and diaspora
-  Return and reintegration (Gibril)
-  Duration 2 days

Entrepreneurship and inclusive business models training:

-  Duration 1 day

Facilitation training: As done in Africa gives

-  Duration 1 day

Monitoring and Evaluation - Reporting training:

-  Masterclass training
-  Duration 1 day

Introduction to Fundraising

-  Grant-making
-  Traditional Fundraising
-  Innovative modern fundraising methods
-  Philanthropy
-  Duration 2 days

Introduction to Project management for development

-  Project management skills specifically for development work                                                

Introduction to Development (with migration for SOAS)

-  Policies and agreements that impact African development e.g. Valetta Agreement
-  Sustainable Development Goals
-  Africa Free Trade Agreement
-  The African Passport
-  African institutions – AU, ECOWAS, SADAC etc.
-  Duration 2 days



-  Those who are keen to grow their knowledge of development in African countries and increase their knowledge of African business, entrepreneurship, philanthropy, advocacy and volunteering
-  Must be open to participate in every session and do the work required
-  Those willing to be featured in post event media and promotional material such as testimonials via video or written content
-  Those seeking to support their career development
-  Must be free for 2-4 weeks over the summer period



What's included:

  • The cost of registration per participant includes the training

What's not included:

  • Food
  • Local transport for personal travel


Making a booking

There are two ways to pay for this trip.

Self Funding

The deposit for this trip is £195 today then pay the remaining balance of the trip 90 days before your arrival date.

Fundraising option

Pay the deposit of £198 today then fundraise for the remaining price of the trip by setting up your fundraising page once you have paid your deposit.



Monday 5th Aug 2019 - Friday 30th Aug 2019 £2,800
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