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(Excluding flights)

With facilities on the ground set in nine acres in Arusha, study rooms, accomodation and catering facilities available, participants will be involved in various language learning activities in Arusha – practical and educational as the opportunity to work with local community representatives will be on offer. Working through an extensive training plan on live projects they will be able to utilise the skills learnt on the training for their own personal and professional growth:      

To work with the various tutors participants will work with a professional resource in different disciplines of language learning at various levels.

The Interactive methods used include:

-  Communicative approach (Competence based approach)
-  Immersion approach
-  Task based approach
-  Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling or (TPRS) approach
-  Grammar approach & audio lingual approach
-  Proprioceptive approach
-  Program certifications at the end for participating in the lessons-
-  To build an ongoing relationship between community groups and trainees with the possibility for trainees to stay on or to go back for further voluntary work

The opportunity to be part of a corporate volunteering program offer
     - UK to Africa Agenda – UK government focus
     - Occurring annually during corporate staff volunteering days
     - Introduction to Arusha and Tanzania
     - Gain an understanding of local culture and supporting local community and economy

Additional that could be included in the trip is the opportunity to include cultural immersion

For an added fee there is the opportunity to include and participate in cultural immersion activities including:

-  Walk/climb Mount Kilimanjaro
-  Sukuma dancing lessons within the university close by that holds a cultural arts centre and has captured all local dances from Tanzania and teaches them to new guests
-  Volunteer work with local partner groups on the ground
-  Introductory tour of Arusha/Tanzania as a cultural immersion to gain an understanding of Tanzania – culture and political economy
-  Visit Zanzibar weekend – beach and Stone Town
-  Visit Dar es Salaam

Please contact us for details.


Course Outline

The existing offer for the language learning courses is as below and it is recommended that the Diaspora group start from Beginners level and proceed to Intermediate level (1 & 2 above) a total of 6 training weeks.

TCDC offers three levels of Swahili trainings depending on the client needs i.e:

 Swahili Beginners course:

This course level of training is intended for participants who have recently arrived in East Africa and require basic Swahili language and culture to enable them function within their environment.

Duration is for three weeks (a total of 90 teaching hours including excursions and language immersion sessions).

Course Content: Greetings, self-introduction, ordering food & drinks, bargaining & buying at a shop/market, introducing family members, talking about present, past and future activities, Swahili time telling, talking about others, talking about health problems, giving and receiving directions / instructions, describing a place.

 Swahili intermediate:

This course builds on knowledge gained in Swahili beginner’s course hence is intended for participants who have completed Swahili beginner’s course or who in other ways have acquired corresponding level of Swahili.

Duration is for three weeks (a total of 90 teaching hours including excursions and language immersion sessions).

Course Content: Exchanging greeting and talking about transport systems, family, Tanzania and its natural resource, weather and agricultural activities, talking about business in Tanzania, health issues, the education system in Tanzania, community development projects, office activities, official meetings, one’s feelings, talking about sport and other recreational activities.

 Swahili advanced:

This course focuses more on application of technical Swahili, various Swahili registers and enhances learners to participate in meetings and debates.

Duration is for two weeks (a total of 60 teaching hours including excursions and language immersion sessions).

This course is offered on tailor made basis offered at any time of the year.

Course Content: Communication, health services, Social services, environment, global warming, politics in Tanzania, corruption in Tanzania, science and technology, East African cooperation, globalisation.



-  You must be willing to engage with youth and local communities
-  You must be open to working in partnership with different cultures
-  You must be happy to and participate in language opportunities in Tanzania, and on your return.
-  Delegates are expected to run various post delegation activities individually or collectively, write feedback blogs, do video testimonials, take part in photos and speak to interested groups about their experience upon           your return.

In addition, delegates are expected to collaborate with programme alumni, organisers as well as local and national community organisations to continue strengthening ties between Africa and its diaspora.

This is a fantastic opportunity to gain access to high profile organisations, development actors and grassroots initiatives through a structured program of activities, in a safe environment.



What's included:

  • The cost of registration per participant includes accommodation.
  • The charges also includes airport pickups and return, orientation days and the trainings on the ground.

What's not included:

  • Flights – Participants are responsible for their flight to and from Arusha, Tanzania
  • Vaccinations
  • Local transport for personal travel

Fundraising for Swahili Language Development

Swahili Language Development

AFFORD is excited to be collaborating with MSTCDC which was set up by the Danes in 1967, as a capacity building and training centre and is a unique centre for language learning which now offers enthusiastic development workers, missionaries, doctors, expatriates, researchers, tourists, students and anyone who requires to learn Swahili language at beginners’/ intermediate / advanced level, the opportunity to gain a short burst of language training alongwith on the ground voluntary experience in Arusha, Tanazania.

Ezra Mbogori, formerly of Akiba Uhaki, is now running the MS TCDC centre. Ezra is a Kenyan born and self-professed Pan-Africanist, he has always worked within the non-profit/NGO sector frequently within the development community and lived in Zimbabwe for 15 years. Ezra is committed to increasing African integration, and works to strengthen regional integration in Africa.

This key objective of this program is firstly at beginners level to introduce Swahili language and its culture to participants to equip them with necessary tools and skills to enable them to acquire survival language that will help students to function effectively in everyday life. At the next level for intermediate level learners the aim is to enhance participant’s converse to be executed with ease and to confidently exchange basic information in the community related to work, recreation, and social situations. Final level (advanced) objective is to enhance participants communicate with ease and confidence in a large number of situations informal and formal, on a variety of concrete topics relating to work and leisure activities, as well as to current public events.


Making a booking

There are two ways to pay for this trip.

Self Funding

The deposit for this trip is £195 today then pay the remaining balance of the trip 90 days before your arrival date.

Fundraising option

Pay the deposit of £198 today then fundraise for the remaining price of the trip by setting up your fundraising page once you have paid your deposit.



Monday 2nd Sep 2019 - Friday 20th Sep 2019 £1,050
Travellers: Book/Reserve



Monday 2nd Sep 2019 - Friday 20th Sep 2019 £1,050
Travellers: Book/Reserve