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(Excluding flights)

Minimum Fundraising £1200

With facilities on the ground, participants will be involved in various activities at the local  hospitals and also within the community and with local community representatives.

Working through an extensive training plan you will be able to utilise your existing healthcare and mental healthcare skills alongside the skills learnt on the live programme which includes:    

-  To be trained by Yomi himself who has a wealth of mental health experience and tap into his extensive resources and strong contact within the industry in Nigeria.
-  To work with Yomi and his contacts at the local hospitals in Abuja, Nigeria.
-  Working with the Nigerian healthcare authority
-  Program certifications at the end for participating
-  To build an ongoing relationship between Yomi and hospital and healthcare industry in Nigeria with the possibility for trainees and professionals to go back and work with Yomi and his team at further dates.
-  Opportunity to include cultural immersion experiences as part of the trip
-  Introduction to Nigeria 
-  Gain an understanding of Nigeria – culture and political economy
-  Cultural tours and field trips added on

Project Outline:

The programme works with a couple of mental health hospitals in Nigeria and would include:

-  train CHEWS and Community Nurses to be Mental Health Support practitioners working with schools and local communities to develop mental health support groups and provide mental health community education                 workshops.
-  human capacity development especially within training and developing self-support groups using Community Extension Workers.
   implementing a Train the Trainer model.

Participants will also benefit from:

-  Pre-trip meeting to give background and insight into working on the ground in Nigeria and the work that will be undertaken
-  Pre-trip meeting for preparation and orientation
-  Orientation meeting in Abuja and on the ground training
-  Post-trip connection follow up assistance
-  Opportunity to participate in social media live sessions to share experience and reach greater audiences

For more information please email 


-  You must be willing to engage with youth and local communities
-  You must be open to working in partnership with different cultures
-  Delegates are expected to run various post delegation activities individually or collectively, write feedback blogs, do video testimonials, take part in photos and speak to interested groups about their experience upon your      return.
-  In addition, delegates are expected to collaborate with programme alumni, organisers as well as local and national community organisations to continue strengthening ties between Africa and its diaspora.

This is a fantastic opportunity to gain access to high profile organisations, development actors and grassroots initiatives through a structured program of activities, in a safe environment.



What's included:

  • The cost of registration per participant includes accommodation
  • Participants are responsible for their flight to and from Abuja
  • The fee includes airport pickups and return, orientation days and the trainings on the ground.

What's not included:

  • Flights
  • Vaccinations
  • Daily Meals please make allowance for food each day around £10
  • Local transport for personal travel (for eg. local buses to go into town if desired)
  • Extra expected costs include also phones and laundry

Fundraising for Mental Health Care Training Programme Nigeria

Mental Health Care Training Programme Nigeria


-  40 million Nigerians suffer from mental disorders (The Vanguard Newspaper, 2018).
-  22% of Nigerians suffer from chronic depression (The World Bank, in the Punch, 2018).
-  1 in 5 Nigerian youths have mental health problem (The Daily Trust, 2018).
-  Yet there are only 130 psychiatrists in Nigeria, which has a population of 174 million and only 9 specialist mental health hospitals.
-  There stands a shortage of skilled health practitioners and mental health experts on the ground in Nigeria and the challenges are only growing without a regular supply of support and expertise.
-  Do you have skills to help with this massive agenda?
-  If you can answer yes to this key question then we are interested in you.
-  You are invited to join us in Nigeria this year to be a strategic part of a life-changing opportunity.

Project Background:

The AFFORD Diaspora Experience are proud to be partnering with Volunteer Manager Yomi Oloko on a new project as part of our Diaspora Experience program to offer to mental healthcare practitioners the opportunity to gain 2-3 weeks of experience supporting, training and capacity building healthcare practitioners in Nigeria in support of the mental healthcare needs and agenda on the ground there.

The project was started by Yomi who has experience running a successful Diaspora Volunteering Scheme to Nigeria in the past. Under his Nigerian CAC registered Community Health NGO he has started to explore the present situation in Nigeria and now developed a Volunteering scheme under this focusing on mental health especially looking at the North East of Nigeria.

Yomi has a very good understanding of the working realities in Nigeria and has built up reputational value on the ground to allow this programme to be good value for money.

From his previous experience of running Diaspora Volunteer Schemes in Nigeria it has been found to be essential that to be sustainable this project must be a human capacity building programme. One that can be cascaded down to the grassroots and so follows the Train the Trainer model.

Therefore the aim is to facilitate African Diaspora to contribute and add considerable value in the area of human capacity development especially within training and developing self-support groups using Community Extension Work


Making a booking

There are two ways to pay for this trip.

Self Funding

The deposit for this trip is £198 today then pay the remaining balance of the trip 90 days before your arrival date.

Fundraising option

Pay the deposit of £198 today then fundraise for the remaining price of the trip by setting up your fundraising page once you have paid your deposit.



Monday 23rd Sep 2019 - Sunday 13th Oct 2019 £1,200
Travellers: Book/Reserve



Monday 23rd Sep 2019 - Sunday 13th Oct 2019 £1,200
Travellers: Book/Reserve