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Social Impact Video Project - Ghana Projects

With facilities on the ground including a studio complex and editing study, participants will be involved in various activities on the road with Ghana’s local police and also with community representatives. Working through an extensive training plan on live projects they will be able to utilise the skills learnt on the training which includes:      

To be trained by Dr Kwesi himself who  has a wealth of film production experience and tap into his extensive resources and strong contact within the industry including the National Film Institute Ghana 
To work with Dr Kwesi’s  production training team of 7 people – they are a professional resource in different disciplines of film production.
Working with the Ghana police service in-house video and production team 
Training includes working with Creative Storm’s production and post–production facilities in Accra, including filming and editing studios, so participants may choose to train in (or share their skills in) any of the following areas or disciplines below and can pick and mix from this list to suit their needs and interests

-  Video Filming
-  Drone Technology
-  Sound Production
-  Music Composition and Film Score
-  Editing (Final Cut and Adobe Effects)
-  Set Design and Props
-  Graphics and Animation
-  Photography
-  Production Management
-  Programming and broadcast
-  Media Publicity and PR
-  Social Media Communications and E Marketing

Participants will go away with

Program certifications at the end for participating in the production of Police Watch program

Having started to build an ongoing relationship between CSN and trainees with the possibility for trainees to stay on or to go back and work with Kwesi and his team.
-  The opportunity to be part of a corporate volunteering program offer
          -  UK to Africa Agenda – UK government focus
          -  Occurring annually during corporate staff volunteering days

Included in the trip is the opportunity to include cultural immersion

-  introduction to Ghana 
-  gain an understanding of Ghana – culture and political economy
-  study tours and field trips added on


-  You must be willing to engage with local communities
-  You must be open to working in partnership with different cultures
-  You must be happy to participate in media opportunities in Ghana, and on your return.
-  Delegates are expected to run various post delegation activities individually or collectively, write feedback blogs, do video testimonials, take part in photos and speak to interested groups about their experience upon            your return.

In addition, delegates are expected to collaborate with programme alumni, organisers as well as local and national community organisations to continue strengthening ties between Africa and its diaspora.

This is a fantastic opportunity to gain access to high profile organisations, development actors and grassroots initiatives through a structured program of activities, in a safe environment.

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